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TOPSON, Parent Company of FIREROSE Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

On November 23, ELUX and FIREROSE held a grand celebration in Shenzhen for its parent company TOPSON’s 20th anniversary. Many partners who have cooperated with TOPSON for many years came here from all over the world to join this event with TOPSON.




On the day, Danny Tan, the CEO of TOPSON, delivered a speech to express his gratitude to the guests, media and employees present, then introduced TOPSON’s history and direction for the future.


In the past two decades, TOPSON has been continuously working hard in independent R&D, manufacturing, innovation, taste, and other aspects since its establishment in 2003, which has made TOPSON successful in both its initial 3C products and its Vaping business. After completing the enterprise transformation in 2017, several brands under TOPSON began to shine, especially ELUX and FIREROSE, which have gained wide recognition internationally and are sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.



Danny’s planning for the company is forward-looking and strategic. In the early days of the company’s establishment, it had already invested in an e-liquid factory and decided the general direction of environmental protection. Coupled with the insistence on independent chip research when making 3C products before, TOPSON has no worries from R&D, production and supply chain, forming a complete link.


For environmental protection, TOPSON has now obtained waste recycling, transport and export licenses in the UK, as well as a waste import license in Indonesia. In addition, TOPSON invested in the construction of an e-cigarette recycling plant in Indonesia, which will have the ability to recycle and reuse discarded e-cigarette batteries and plastics.



Danny emphasized, “We must build the vaping industry into a sustainable development industry and assume the responsibility of a leading enterprise.” In 2022, the disposable recycling bin project of TOPSON and GREEN WINGS has made great progress in Europe, received exposure from many media and offline platforms, and has been unanimously recognized by peers, distributors and consumers. Danny is very excited about the support from these groups. Protecting the environment together with disposable users worldwide has always been TOPSON’s ideal, and it is now being realized step by step.



At the end of the conference, Danny expressed his expectations and confidence in the future of the e-cigarette industry, and was determined to play a greater role in the development of the industry.

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